Bridge II Sports rents adaptive sports equipment to members and non-members. We rent equipment because we know how expensive it is to purchase equipment new. Currently we are renting cycles and track & field equipment. Our goal is to make recreation and sport accessible for all. This is one way we can do that. Our equipment can be rented to individuals, schools, and groups. You do not have to be a member of Bridge II Sports to rent our equipment, but if you want to rent for more than a couple months - we recommend becoming a member. This is the cost breakdown of rentals: 

Membership - $150 for a year. Membership begins the day you register, and expires the same day the following year. This can be paid in a lump sum or in monthly installments of $13.

Training - $50 an hour. We want to make sure that everyone that uses our equipment uses it properly not only for their safety, but to also protect our investments. This training is mandatory. 

Rental for Member - $50 per month

Rental for Non-Member - $100 per month

There is paperwork that needs to be completed in our office, and the program staff will assist you with this while at our office. Please schedule a time with our program staff to initiate a rental, as they are in charge of ensuring our inventory is correct. Our programs staff can be reached at 866.880.2742.